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3/3/2021 (Permalink)

image from Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 edition with SERVPRO highlighted as ranked in Top 10. SERVPRO® is the #1 Brand in Cleanup and Restoration.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently released their 42nd annual Franchise 500 ranking of best franchises in America for 2021. Last year, SERVPRO® was ranked 27th, but this year, SERVPRO® returned to the Top 10 for the eighth time! While we are #10 overall (out of 500!), we are ranked #1 in our category of Cleanup and Restoration. 

The article highlights the tremendous work our teams accomplished in 202 due to COVID cleaning and our adaptation to circumstances. The company has had several consecutive years of big growth and has NEVER had a year of decline in it's 50+ years of franchising. 

CEO Rick Isaacson says we thrive under pressure: "We're basically a first-response company, so we go in when everyone else is running out."

At SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County, we are proud to be part of not just the best restoration company in the country, but in a franchise empire. We know that we have the resources to accomplish whatever might be thrown at us.

Why should I keep my building heated if it's not being occupied because of COVID?

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

desiccant dehumidifier in church parking lot with large power generator, snow on the ground If you experienced a water damage due to a frozen pipe, Call SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County at 636-296-6813.

In February 2021, the country experienced some extreme winter weather and bitterly cold conditions. Jefferson County was no exception. With the wind chill--and even regular temperatures--in the negative digits for days, along with ice and snow, we dealt with some hazardous conditions.

Nonetheless, our crews did as best as they could, due to road conditions, to serve customers with emergency services. 

The cold weather is the culprit of frozen pipes bursting and causing water damages throughout residential and commercial structures. Because a lot of commercial buildings are not occupied by employees or customers on a regular basis due to COVID restrictions, it makes sense to try and save on the heating and electric bill by turning the heat down or off, in some cases. However, doing so, exposes the structure to even colder weather than it would normally endure with heat running. Therefore, pipes freeze and burst more frequently.

Why should I keep my building heated if it's not being occupied because of COVID?

By keeping the heat in your structure at a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it aids in keep your pipes warm enough not to freeze in most cases. However, there are always variables like the material of the pipes, location to exterior walls, and amount of insulation that play a factor. Even if the building is unoccupied, keep in mind that your heating bill for keeping the structure properly heated will be much less than a water damage caused by frozen pipes. So do your part, and keep the heat running.

Frozen Pipe Cleanup

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

With frigid temperatures for the next week, it's important to monitor your house for signs of a burst frozen pipe. Sometimes, these can be caused when exterior water hoses were not disconnected prior to freezing temperatures. Exterior walls with not a lot of insulation can also be culprits. 

If you're going out of town for a few days and are trying to save money on your heating bill, make sure that temperatures in your home do not get colder than 55 degrees. It's also a good idea to allow faucets to be on a slow drip to keep water flowing through pipes instead of freezing. If you have a basement, check downstairs daily to make sure you don't see any leakage, especially if water pressure upstairs has weakened.

Sometimes, however, frozen pipes are unavoidable. If you find yourself a victim of a burst frozen pipe, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County. Our on-call professionals can assist you at any time of day or night. We will extract the excess water, check all areas to see how far moisture has traveled, and then set drying equipment to get your structure back to "Like it never even happened."

Search No Further

If you find yourself in need of our services, call 636-296-6813. You can do a Google Search, find us on Facebook, or submit an inquiry right here on our website.

Our goal is to not only put your mind at ease, but to make sure we can help make the whole nightmare "Like it never even happened."

Weather Warnings On The Go

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are emergency messages sent by authorized government-alerting authorities through your mobile carrier. Government partners include local and state public safety agencies, FEMA, the FCC, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service. There is no sign-up required. Alerts are sent automatically to WEA-capable phones during a threatening weather emergency. According to, alerts received at the right time can help keep you safe during an emergency.

The types of alerts the National Weather Service will send out are typically about tsunami warnings, tornado and flash flood warnings, hurricane, typhoon, storm surges and extreme wind warnings, as well as dust storms and snow squall warnings.

When you receive a WEA, follow any action advised by the emergency message, especially if it involves an immediate evacuation. Seek more details from your preferred television or radio station, NOAA Weather Radio, or another trusted source of information.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Should your home or business suffer from any type of storm damage, give SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County a call at 636-296-6813.

Celebrate the Holiday Season Safely

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Tips for a Fire-free Yuletide

Pretty lights, candles, and decorations are just a few of the items bringing charm and cheer to the holiday season—however, if they are not used carefully your holidays may go from festive to frightening. The American Red Cross offers the following safety tips to help greatly reduce the fire risk in your home or business this holiday season.

  • Place Christmas trees, candles, and other holiday decorations at least three feet away from heat sources like fireplaces, portable heaters, radiators, heat vents, and candles.
  • Make sure light strings and other holiday decorations are in good condition. Do not use anything with frayed electrical cords and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always unplug tree and holiday lights before leaving the property or going to bed.
  • Never use lit candles to decorate a tree. Always extinguish candles before leaving the room or before going to bed.
  • Use only sturdy tree stands designed to not tip over. Keep curious pets and children away from Christmas trees.
  • Keep anything that can catch on fire—like pot holders, oven mitts, wooden utensils, paper or plastic bags, food packaging, and towels or curtains—away from your stove top.
  • Designate one person to walk around your property to ensure all candles and smoking materials are properly extinguished after guests leave.

The SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County team wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. Remember: our emergency services are available 24/7/365.

Did You Know?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the top three days for home candle fires are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

National Influenza Vaccination Week

12/6/2020 (Permalink)

National Influenza Vaccination Week: December 6 - 12

Starting in 2005, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) established the National Influenza Vaccination Week to highlight the importance of continuing flu vaccination throughout the holiday season and beyond. During the 2018-2019 flu season, the CDC estimates the flu caused 49 million flu-related illnesses (more than the combined populations of Texas and Florida), 960,000 flu hospitalizations (more than the number of staffed hospital beds in the United States), and 79,000 deaths (more than the average number of people who attend the Super Bowl each year.)

If you’ve already gotten the flu this season, you should still get vaccinated to protect yourself against other strands of the flu. People with a high risk of complications from the flu include young children, pregnant women, people with certain chronic health conditions, and people over the age of 65. Get a flu shot today to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We're Social

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for facts and tips throughout this week. Follow the hashtag #NIVW.

Here to Help

As always, SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County is here to provide disinfecting services in the JeffCo area. Whether it's the flu or COVID, we've got you covered. Stay healthy this season.

We need Heroes! Now Hiring!

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Production Technician utilizing wand to remove water from large  concrete warehouse Do you love helping people in difficult situations? Then apply now to join our team of heroes.

Why work for SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County?

Our mission is to develop a team of quality people, who focus on excellent service, fairness, and mutual respect.

Our vision is to be the premier restoration company in our area (Northern Jefferson County).

Our purpose is to create happy customers who are willing to pay. 

The way we do that is by growing and developing our team of heroes both individually and professionally. When you have a good team, the team grows the company. We want our team to be service-oriented. Our business serves customers in possibly the worst times of their lives. We want to be compassionate and helpful to do our best and provide hope and comfort amid disaster.

SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County is prepared to help any and all customers that need us. We do that by continually growing our team.

Now Hiring - Production Technicians

We’re seeking individuals who have a desire to grow, are comfortable working hard in challenging situations, put customers first, have excellent communication skills, and are comfortable with using an iPad. If you are self-motivated and compassionate, then you’ll thrive in this work environment. Are you highly dependable and desire to routinely exceed expectations? Then you may be our perfect hero!

If you would like to join our quality team, dedicated to serving customers in their time of need, then please click here to apply.

Choosing the Appropriate Fire Extinguisher

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

To conclude Fire Prevention Month, We want to make sure that now that you know how to use a fire extinguisher, and are aware of other helpful fire prevention tips, you know how to choose the right type of fire extinguisher for your needs.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

There are five different classes of fire extinguishers from which to choose. Use the following as a guide to determine what is best for your situation:

  • Class A: This is the most common extinguisher and can be used to put out fires in ordinary combustibles such as cloth, wood, rubber, paper, and many plastics.
  • Class B: used on fires involving flammable liquids, such as grease, gasoline, and oil.
  • Class C: Designed for fires involving appliances, tools, or other equipment electronically energized or plugged in.
  • Class D: For use on flammable metals; often specific for the type of metal in question. These are typically found in factories.
  • Class K: Intended for use on fires that involve vegetable oils, animal oils, or fats in cooking appliances. Generally found in commercial kitchens.

As always, we want you to stay safe. We understand accidents happen. Should you experience a fire and in need of having it cleaned up, give SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County a call. Don't take the risk of doing it yourself and causing more damage. SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County is working to make it "Like it never even happened."

October: Fall, Family, and Fire Prevention Month

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

Large tree with green, yellow, and orange leaves in the fall with blue sky background May you enjoy all the pleasures and beauty of fall this season.

Fun in the Fall

Fall in Missouri. It’s beautiful. Especially in October. The weather cools off, and the leaves display a beautiful array of colors. People love spending time outside with friends and family, whether it’s at fall festival, corn maze, pumpkin patch, or bonfire. 

Fall Hazards

There are hazards as well. Bonfires. Dry leaves. It’s a recipe for unwanted flames. Walking away smelling like smoke from a bonfire is one thing. Walking into your home or business after experiencing a fire and smelling that smoke is a totally different ball game. That’s where SERVPRO® of Arnold/North Jefferson County comes in. We are trained, certified professionals in fire restoration. We understand the science of how to properly clean your structure and contents of soot after a fire loss. 

Fire Prevention Month

We hope you never need our fire restoration services, so we want to make you aware that October is Fire Prevention Month. We have three simple tips for you to do this month—and every October—to help keep your home or office safe from fires:

  1. Change batteries in all smoke detectors.
  2. Check all electronics and appliances for frayed cords and replace any you find.
  3. Educate yourself on how to use a fire extinguisher, and make sure you know where to find it if/when you may need it.
 Remember that SERVPRO® of Arnold/North Jefferson County is an emergency service company. You can call us 24/7 and even on any holiday, if you have a fire or water damage. Google us, or simply call 636-296-6813.

No Job is Too Spooky for SERVPRO

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

Graphic image of haunted house with SERVPRO van in front No job is too spooky for us.

Halloween. A time for costumes, candy, spooky decorations, and mischievous pranks. Sometimes those pranks cross over into outright vandalism. Paint, debris, a general mess...That's where SERVPRO® can help. SERVPRO® of Arnold/North Jefferson County has a variety of products and cleaning methods to use on a variety of vandalism acts. We can help clean up broken glass, debris in your yard, spray paint, or many other “pranks.” We don’t wish this upon anyone, but we want you to know that we are Here to Help.® We wish you a Happy Halloween! May you be able to have fun, enjoy some treats, and avoid the tricks! Should you be a victim of vandalism this Halloween, call SERVPRO® of Arnold/North Jefferson County at 636-296-6813 to make it "Like it never even happened."® Remember: No job is too spooky for us.