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Missouri Storm Survival: Building Your Emergency Storm Survival Kit

9/12/2023 (Permalink)

Heavy rainfall on an umbrella. Having a well-thought-out emergency plan can significantly enhance your preparedness for unpredictable storms.

The vast skies of Missouri often bring awe-inspiring beauty, but they can also unleash powerful storms that demand preparedness and resilience. As a homeowner or property owner, having a well-equipped storm survival kit and an emergency plan can make all the difference in keeping your loved ones and property safe. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to create a practical storm survival kit tailored to the unique challenges of Missouri's weather patterns.

Understanding the Missouri Storm Landscape

Before assembling your survival kit, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the types of storms and emergencies that can occur in the area:

Tornadoes: Missouri is part of "Tornado Alley," where tornadoes are a real threat. Understand tornado alerts, signs, and designated safe areas.

Severe Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms often bring lightning, heavy rain, hail, and strong winds. Be prepared for power outages and potential flooding.

Flash Floods: Sudden heavy rainfall can lead to flash floods, especially in low-lying areas and near creeks and rivers.

Building Your Storm Survival Kit

Your storm survival kit should contain essential items to sustain your family and property during emergencies:

Basic Supplies: Include non-perishable food, bottled water, a manual can opener, and a first aid kit.

Emergency Communication: Have a battery-powered or hand-crank emergency radio to stay informed about weather updates and alerts.

Lighting and Power: Pack flashlights, extra batteries, and portable chargers to keep your devices powered.

Personal Hygiene: Include sanitation supplies such as moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, and personal hygiene items.

Medications: Keep a supply of prescription medications, along with a basic first aid kit.

Important Documents: Safeguard copies of essential documents like identification, insurance policies, and medical records.

Clothing and Blankets: Pack extra clothing, sturdy shoes, and blankets to stay warm and dry.

Cash: Include cash in small denominations, as ATMs and card readers may not be functional during power outages.

Creating an Emergency Plan

In addition to your survival kit, develop a comprehensive emergency plan:

Safe Spaces: Identify the safest areas in your home for different types of storms. A basement or storm shelter is ideal.

Emergency Contacts: Maintain a list of emergency contacts, including family members, friends, and local authorities.

Communication Plan: Establish a communication plan to keep in touch with family members during emergencies, especially if separated.

Evacuation Routes: Know multiple evacuation routes and meeting points in case you need to leave your home quickly.

Practice Drills: Regularly practice emergency drills with your family to ensure everyone knows what to do.

Staying Informed

Stay informed about weather forecasts and alerts through various means:

Weather Apps: Download reliable weather apps to receive real-time alerts and updates.

NOAA Weather Radio: Invest in a NOAA Weather Radio for accurate and immediate weather information.

Local News: Tune in to local news channels for the latest weather reports.

Final Thoughts

Building an effective storm survival kit and having a well-thought-out emergency plan can significantly enhance your preparedness for the unpredictable storms that Missouri may bring. By tailoring your kit to the city's unique storm landscape and regularly reviewing and updating your plan, you'll be better equipped to weather any storm that comes your way. Taking these proactive steps ensures the safety of your loved ones and property, allowing you to face storms with confidence and resilience.

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