Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Leaky Shower Caused Mold

This customer was out of town when the initial leak occurred. A pipe to the shower and bathtub began leaking. By the time the customer returned and noticed the damage, mold growth had occurred in this Imperial home.

When situations like this happen, we have to first remediate the mold prior to drying the contents and structure of the water damage. Otherwise, our air movers would be spreading and circulating the mold spores.

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Bathroom Mold in Arnold

Bathrooms are prime places for mold growth. Hot steamy showers or leaking bathroom pipes are often culprits. This bathroom was no stranger to mold. Microbial growth was on the sink, walls, and around the toilet. While we do not test for mold (we recommend doing that through an Industrial Hygienist), we follow their protocol and scope to make sure mold mitigation is performed properly. That can mean doing a combination of wiping down the surface with an antimicrobial, doing demo to remove the mold and replacing drywall, and using a HEPA vaccuum to remove small particles. No matter how much mold you have, we can help. You can trust that SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County will get it done right so that you can feel safe.